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What are two responsibilities that you will have as a British citizen or permanent resident of the UK?

Where is the Big Ben located?

When were men and women given the right to vote at the age of 21?

Where is the UK geographically located?

Who is the patron Saint of Scotland?

Which two houses fought in the War of the Roses?

The Bill of Rights of 1689 confirmed the right to vote for all adult men.

What is the Cenotaph?

Who was the first female Prime Minister of the UK?

Who chairs the debates at the House of Commons?

Who was the captain of the English football team that won the World Cup in 1966?

When did the English defeat the Spanish Armada?

Anyone can make a complaint about the police by writing to the Chief Constable of the police force involved.

What is the minimum age required to serve on a jury?

How is a jury selected?

What is a bank holiday?

What will you be given to vote before a general election takes place?

Which of the following statements is correct?

By law, which TWO types of media have to give a balanced coverage of all political parties and equal time to rival viewpoints before an election?

Which of the following territories is a Crown dependency but is NOT part of the UK?

What did Sir Frank Whittle invent in the 1930s?

Who wrote ‘The Daffodils’?

Who was given the title of Lord Protector?

What are the 40 days before Easter called?

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