Fast track your way to B1 English Exam success for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or British Citizenship applications

Learn with a qualified British teachers online or in classrooms at a time that suits you. Your teacher will coach you in all the skills you need to pass the B1 English test (GESE Grade 5) for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship in just 5 weeks. Your teacher is here for you.

No time to learn English? Your teacher will complete an assessment and design a personalised B1 English booster study plan for you. We structure the classes to meet your needs for passing quickly and first time!

Our number one priority is for you to pass your English B1 exam (GESE grade 5). If you don't pass the test after studying with us, you can learn with us again for free. We have a 99% pass rate first time.

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IELTS Teacher


Your teachers will help you pass your B1 English test first time. They are experts of the exam and have been training students for 5 years. You will be prepared with questions and answers from the exam which will build your English speaking and listening skills.

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Qualified teachers with many years of experience.

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Proven history of helping students to pass since 2012.

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Multi lingual teachers who will build your confidence.

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Complete Course


Teaching is comprised of 5 x 2 hour lessons once per week (more if needed) Your learning is then further enhanced by homework activities and English assessments to track your progress throughout the course to ensure you are fully prepared to pass the test.

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Lessons to cover all B1 English language questions for the TRINITY exam

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Flexible classroom or online times (Mon-Sat) to fit any schedule.

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Free retraining if the student fails their exam. NOTE: We are not a TRINITY test center, we are tutors who provide training to pass the exam.

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Study Materials


When you enrol for your class your teacher will create a personalised study plan which targets your areas for development. You will be provided with training material to help your vocabulary, sentence structures and conversational topics all of which are needed to pass the B1 Exam (GESE grade 5)

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High quality study resources tests proven to pass the B1 exam (GESE Grade 5).

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Training material covering GESE Grade 5 English vocabulary and sentence structures

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Our classes have a 99% pass rate and our teachers will help you pass first time!

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life in the uk test
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We know that preparing for your B1 English test for your Home Office application is difficult. That's why we're here to support you every step of the way. Contact your teacher any time that you need guidance and we'll be here for you.

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Contact your teacher six days a week by phone or email.

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Book lessons around your life and responsibilities.

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Bilingual support from your teachers to help you understand the test.

Full Classes
Complete 5 weeks training (2 hours each lesson)

Covers all areas of the B1 English exam (GESE grade 5) (full)

Group classroom or online tutoring

Study plan and English speaking homework, sentences, vocabulary etc  (full)

Exam B1 GESE Grade 5 for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or Citizenship

Free retraining if the student fails

Booster Class
5 Hour Booster Class

Covers all English language test material

Private online or classroom training

Study plan and English homework included


Exam B1 GESE Grade 5 for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or Citizenship

No free retraining if the student fails

A Sample of Our Success Stories

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Pass your B1 English test with us!

We provide B1 English Test Training to help you pass your exam with a 99% Pass Rate and FREE RETRAINING if your fail your exam. 
Pick your training class or contact our offices on 01158376502 to speak to a teacher, If you cannot find the information you need please contact us and we will support you as best we can!

For more dates please contact our office on 01158376502

Who are these classes for?

  • Those looking to pass their Home Office approved exam for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or Citizenship purposes
  • Students who would like to attend English language classes with a teacher or online training to pass their exams first time
  • Any student who needs help with their English speaking and listening to pass their exam
  • Students who have failed the test previously and would like to work on specific areas to make sure they pass next time
  • We also provide live voice chat and interactive study boards allow our teachers to work with you in a completely digital environment with no additional fees

There are currently two types of training we provide:

Full 5 Week Test Training: - 5 week class - 5 sessions in total - 2 hours each session - Time spent with teacher practicing English speaking and listening - Confidence building exercises -guidance and tips on how to pass the exam firs time -  Includes homework and practice questions - Help with  all speaking and listening questions asked on the exam and the best answer to give - Support with test bookings and applying for your spouse visa extension and eventual citizenship - Includes free consultation with Sanctuary Law: Visa and Immigration Specialists - 99% Pass rate first time- FREE RETRAINING if you fail your test (£275)

Fast Track One Day Booster: - 5 hour session - One day training course online or in classroom - Time spent with teacher practicing English speaking and listening - Confidence building exercises -guidance and tips on how to pass the exam firs time - Support with test bookings and applying for your citizenship - 99% Pass rate first time (£175)

Classroom and online classes will...

• Help you pass your B1 exam first time
Time spent with teacher practicing English speaking and listening
• Include free retraining - learn with us again for free if you don't pass the test
Support with your Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or Citizenship application process
 Friendly classroom environments with your own English teacher
 Include weekly test sessions so teachers can monitor your progress
 This course aims to pass the student first time on their exam

Key Information

 Lessons: FULL 5 week Training or 5 Hour Booster Class
• Cost: £275 or £175
• Online classes: One-to-one private tutoring morning or evening
• Hours per week: 2 hours per week (total 10 hours of classes + free retraining) or 5 hour booster training (can be divided into separate days)
• Free training if you don't pass
• Training Material: 
Training packs, homework and questions 
 Lesson times: Daytime, evening and weekend available
 Lesson dates:  Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and  Saturday
• Classroom and online classes ideal for students who want to pass their B1 English test. Our English teachers will coach you to pass the B1 English test through interactive lessons. Online classes are popular with students who don't have time to attend classrooms or complete courses due to other commitments.
CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference
GESE: Graded Examinations in Spoken English
SELT: Secure English Language Test

B1 Final Test:

The final test will be a 10 minute speaking and listening exam. (Suitable for Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or British Citizenship)  The exam will be covering many topics such as English speaking and listening must be of a high level to pass this exam. The test needs to be booked on the Trinity college London website and it costs £150.

Please note we are NOT a Trinity approved test centre. We only support you in preparing and booking your test to your closest SELT centre and teaching you how to pass.

You must book your test in one of the SELTs approved centres. Exam dates are up to 7 days a week, across 9 UK cities:

- Belfast
- Birmingham
- Cardiff
- Glasgow
- Leeds
- London Hammersmith
- London Holborn
- London Croydon
- Manchester
- Newcastle

PLEASE NOTE: As proof of ID you can either use a passport, biometric residence card or a European residence card or a legal Travel Document. Without one of these original documents we cannot book your test.

Nottingham: Our one day boosters are held online or at our offices in Nottingham

82-84 Radford Road
Hyson Green

January: 3rd and 24th (full)
February: 7th and 28th (full)
March: 7th and 28th (full)
April: 4th and 25th (full)
May: 9th and 30th
June: 6th and 27th
July: 4th and 25th
August: 8th and 29th
September: 5th and 25th
October: 3rd and 24th
November: 7th and 28th
December: 5th and 19th

Our Full 5 Weeks Training held every: Wednesday 5-7pm GMT, Saturday 12-2pm GMT + more dates and times available on request.